3 Day Diet Results

Warning: some of the food suggestions sound gross and beyond unconventional (think hot dogs and ice cream). What’s more interesting is that the 3 day military diet has been named after one of those institutions such as Cleveland Clinic, Mayo Clinic , American Heart Association, British Heart Foundation, but none of these institutions has acknowledged their involvement.

Although sticking with the 3-day diet for three days might probably not effect in serious nutrient deficiencies, but it can direct to repetitive rounds of weight gain and weight loss that can deteriorate your organs and immune system and it can enhance the risk of gallstones or heart-related complications.

There is no scientific proof that these combination of foods do anything different than any other REDUCED caloric deficit food combinations do. It’s too drastic of a dietary change to be sustainable and I guarantee if you include VIGOROUS exercise your energy level will deplete from a lack of glycogen and the fact you’re eating bread a vegetables will keep you out of ketosis, your body depending on weight and exercise level will go into hibernation mode and you will experience minimal results.

Kick up your workout intensity up a notch and try High-intensity interval training— high intensity interval training has been shown to boost post workout metabolism up to 48 hours This means that your body will continue to burn additional calories long after you finish exercising.