Does Anyone Know Anything About “Anasazi”? It’s A Wilderness Camp Located In Mesa, Arizona?

Explore the many benefits of having a premium branded profile on Glassdoor, like increased influence and advanced analytics. Dan began spreading his love for the outdoors and primitive dwelling systems expertly in 2004 like a back-country wilderness survival guidebook and medieval skills trainer with Anasazi Base, leading variable-week ancient dwelling outings for teenagers and people through the high desert and mountains of northern Arizona.

This all being said, if you are a young Mormon college student looking for an intense four month experience I can guarantee you that your faith will be revived, you will learn valuable lessons about yourself and your capabilities, and you will find a community that is supportive and accepting of you.Anasazi Foundation

John moved and has since lived in areas as far-reaching as Mexico Romania, Venezuela, Hawaii and Tanzania to master and teach ancient living skills, concluding as being a leading teaching heart for outdoor survival training anasazi foundation program inside the foundation of California Emergency Faculty in 2012.

While the program is physically and emotionally rigorous, ANASAZI stresses that it is no boot camp.” No one is forced to stay — if a youngwalker runs away, says Merrell, trailwalkers will simply follow behind to ensure safety and offer companionship.

John began revealing his love for that outdoors and primitive living technologies skillfully in 2004 as being a back-country wilderness survival guidebook and primitive capabilities teacher with Anasazi Base, leading variable-week ancient dwelling expeditions for kids and adults through the high-desert and foothills of northern Arizona.