Barbecue Grill Cooking Tips

We all love eating Barbecue, don’t we? The thing about BBQ is that we love eating it as much as we enjoy cooking it! BBQ is the MUST addition on the menu for every family picnic, poolside party or a camping trip into the woods! Unfortunately, as much as we all love eating smoky, charcoaled Barbeque – we can’t all cook it to perfection. There is a lot of technique that is required to perfect BBQ food. If you want to be the BBQ or grilled food king or queen in your circle as well – we can surely help you in this regard. We bring you some quick, easy and helpful BBQ grilling cooking tips. Have fun trying them!

  1. Make sure the temperature is right

BBQ food is all about getting the temperature right. You need to make sure that the grill plates are hot enough. You can’t put food on a cold grill because this way it will never crisp up from the outside and will become rubbery inside as well.You can use best indoor grill for steaks as well for grilling if you want to grill steaks on the best indoor grill

  1. Be patient and calm

BBQ is all about being very patient and calm with the cooking. The meat needs all the time to get crisp on the outside whilst staying tender on the inside.

  1. Choose a great BBQ grill

The key to good BBQ food is a good BBQ grill. So you need to make sure that you make the best choice.

  1. Marinade for as long as possible

The marinade is the key to a juicy and tasteful BBQ. Make sure to marinade your food as long as possible; ideally overnight.

  1. Make sure you perfectly know the cooking time

Grilling food is all about getting the timing perfect. Red meats like lamb and beef need longer to cook whilst chicken and fish cook very quickly. Moreover, if you are grilling veggies, you should know that they will not take more than a few seconds to char.

  1. Never use salt before cooking meat

One tip to ensure that the BBQ does not dry and shrink in size when cooking is to make sure you do not use salt in the marinade. Salt tends to suck out water from the meat as it cooks.

  1. Always remember to season

Seasoning your BBQ before serving is important. Since you do not use salt in the marinade, make sure to season it with salt to bring out maximum flavor.

  1. Keep brushing your protein with oil

If you want to get the perfect, charred skin on top of your BBQ – you will need to brush it with oil every 5 to 10 minutes constantly.

  1. Let it rest for at least 2 minutes

Red meat like lamb and beef and rubbery protein like pork and duck should be allowed to rest for at least 2 to 3 minutes once it comes off the grill. This is to make sure that it remains tender on the inside.

  1. Allow it to cool before you clean

The one thing you should always remember is to let the grill cool down before you can clean or wash it. Washing a hot grill is not only dangerous but also will make the non-stick surface damage.