Donating Your Eggs

You can become and egg donor and provide a remarkable gift that can bring hope for a family to people who are having difficulty achieving parenthood. Infertile couples may resort to egg donation when the female partner cannot have genetic children because her own eggs cannot generate a viable pregnancy, or because they could generate a viable pregnancy but the chances are so low that it is not advisable or not financially feasible to do IVF with her own eggs.

At the moment when you are informed about the treatment that uses donated egg cells and you make the decision to start it there begins a process where all the different departments in Instituto Bernabeu are coordinated to offer you the greatest chances for success and the best personal care.Egg donation agency california

Having spent years interviewing women about their experiences with infertility, I do think it is possibly better for a woman to take the risks of the drugs and procedures upon herself for her own use, than to pass that risk on to someone else-a younger, more fertile version of themselves.

Also, when egg donors report to the clinics where their retrievals were done, while some clinics respond appropriately and take care of the woman and her symptoms, other clinics brush off their complaints, tell them that bloating is normal,” and that it will go away in a few days.

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