Hotprintsusa Service

Visit /eddm or call the USPS hotprintsusa Support line at 877-747-6249 for questions or more information including how to mail and to determine your distribution Greeting Cards Printing area. Our most popular hotprintsusa printing products include postcards (regular and oversized), brochures, coupons, menus, maps, and catalogs. For the hotprintsusa Retail category, you must ship the mail pieces to the local post office nearest to the place where your mailings or carrier routes are to get this low rate.

In other words, a mailing of 200 that only accounts for 70% of one carrier route would not be acceptable; a mailing to a complete mail carrier route of 58 addresses would also not be acceptable. The USPS estimates the delivery time for standard direct mail to be 3-10 days, but they do not guarantee this window. Create a USPS® Every Door Direct Mailer® 8.5×11 or a USPS® Every Door Direct Mail® Postcard (6.25×9 or 6×11) with our free online photo design tool.

hotprintsusa mailings can be sent through the Bulk Mail Entry Unit (BMEU) by a qualified direct mail house such as Accuprint, or simply prepared and sent in a retail capacity, over the counter at a local post office. With Every Door Direct Mail services, you can choose to include coupons, menus, calendars, maps and any other promotional materials you see fit. Get great insights into how direct mail works from USPS specifications to calculating your ROI.

You will have a Post Office Locations and Drop Information page that tells you what post office you need to take your mailing to when you are ready to mail. For more information on Every Door Direct Mail and its new online tools, visit -. Processing of databases and professionalization (Variable Printing) is an additional charge. Using your map selections, we make sure your direct mailers are delivered directly to every door in the routes that you select. Every Door Direct Mail service is an easy, cost-effective way to reach potential customers near your business. I have found that printing a coupon or incentive has increased my business traffic. Use a printer familiar with Every Door Direct Mail regulations to print and get your flyers ready for mailing if you use the Postal Service carrier routes.