Go with the brand of Toyota if want to buy a compact SUV!!

2016 Toyota RAV4 hybrid is the latest variant of a RAV4, which has been launched by the company. Toyota also launched its latest mid-cycle, with some advanced features and style appeal to the vehicle. Different features which have been added to the automobile have enhanced the overall scenario of Toyota mid-sized SUV.

What are the important car specifications of Toyota RAV4?

The brand of Toyota has always been a popular name when it comes to SUV’s. The company is known for manufacturing some of the strongest and premium sports utility vehicles.

  • Not only being a fuel efficient vehicle, Toyota RAV4 is known as the all-wheel drive, which a person can ever buy. The high power engine makes sure the vehicle gets an effective pickup, along with a smooth drive.
  • Ample amount of cargo space is available for the driver, which enables him to accommodate comfortably in the vehicle and have a smooth drive.

The premium RAV4 is known to have much more luxury features than the normal RAV4. The hybrid version is only available in the top two models of the car. Though very little differences are available for the RAV4 hybrid, the exteriors have been more enhanced as per style along with certain accident avoiding features.

Talking of the price range, Toyota has launched one of the cheapest and perfect mid-size SUV, which is quite low in price and yet provides the best in class features. Being high fuel efficient, this hybrid is very economical in comparison to other RAV4’s available. Though the brand of Toyota took a large gap between the launch of a RAV4 and its hybrid version, it has done complete justice to the buyer’s expectations, whether we talk about the features or about the budget.