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Ladies and Gentlemen, we have the extraordinary talking-type wireless Goon Show. For example, when Napoleon writes (according to Paret, Craig and Gilbert in Makers of Modern Strategy), To know…how to draw supplies of all kinds from the country you occupy makes up a large part of the art of war,” Napoleon is, to my ears, quoting directly from Can ho Napoleon Sun Tzu and offering an idea that, as far as my research goes, originated in the west, either with Napoleon or from Sun Tzu through Napoleon.

In contrast to the American Founders, whose federal system was intended to prevent the aggrandizement of a national metropolis, Napoleon made France even more subservient to Paris than it had been before, and would have made the rest of Europe no less so had not England and her allies stopped him.

With the Army of Bohemia closing on Paris, Napoleon no longer had time to transfer the war to Lorraine.” Any attempt to go east and turn Schwarzenberg’s right flank could result in the Allies reaching Paris before they could feel the effects of his manoeuvre sur les derrières.

While the ideas such as the focus or massing of forces at a specific place (Sun Tzu’s concept of focus) existed in France before Napoleon and Sun Tzu’s translation, the overall use of Sun Tzu’s specific methods of adaptive strategy arrive to Europe suprisingly complete with Napoleon.

When I go down a list of Napoleon’s maxims, (for example here ), I can see those that came from du Teil and Bourcet, but the vast majority of them (perhaps 75%) seem to be direct application of ideas expressed in a similar way only in Sun Tzu work prior to Napoleon.