A great thing to do in the Atlas.

Are you tired of doing the same activities over and over again? Do you want to do something exciting but at the same time not too extreme? There are many things you can do in the morocco trips, and even though the travel agency will not tell you many ideas, you can still look for them on the internet or asking to your partners.

We all know that Morocco Tour packages are famous around the world, and the places you can visit are also famous. I know that many people are tired of doing the same every day and that is normal. When you are visiting another country it is common to feel tired about doing the same that you used to do in your country, and that is why we need new ideas.

Going to the Atlas is an excellent thing to do if you are doing the Morocco trips and hiking it is excellent t for athletic people. A great thing to do in the Atlas is having a picnic, and maybe you never thought about it and that is okay. Here I will share some tips and recommendations you should take into account if you want to do a picnic in the Atlas.

You can visit this place most of the day, there is not a special time in which the place is better. If you are going to drive, it will take 1 hour and a half each way and if you are going to trek it will wake 1 hour. If you are going to start the day, you need to know that is extremely good to wake up early, because you need to prepare everything before going to the Atlas. When having a picnic, you need to bring some necessary things like: knife, tissues, forks, and blanket. For food, you can prepare some sandwiches or maybe a delicious salad. Also, remember to bring something to drink like juice and water. You need to stay hydrated and it is important when eating. So, this is the reason why you need to wake up early; you need to have everything prepared, and you need to ready to arrive early. If you want more, you can bay some fresh bread. Also, remember to buy bottled water.

When you get there, park the car and go to the Kasbah. You will enjoy the amazing view that this place has to offer. This is a 15 minutes’ walk so you will enjoy the view and the fresh air. Also, starting the day walking and looking at this beautiful place is a relaxing experience that you will not be able to have if you stay the whole day in the hotel or street.

After finishing the walk, you can reach the small bridge following the water source and walking until you find the perfect place for the picnic. At some point, after following the water source, you will reach the riverside. Then, you will finally reach your dream place and you will start the picnic.

First, spread out the blanket. You need to do that if you do not want to put the food on the floor or the river. Then, place everything in the blanket. Put the fresh bread, sandwiches or salad on the blanket or any other food you wanted to bring. You can start eating now. If you want something extra, you can go for a dip in the river it will be really relaxing or maybe catch some fruits like berries. You can also breathe and relax after having the picnic.

In this way, the Morocco Tours are going to be excellent.