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On top of this honor, Val-Chris is also celebrating its 40th anniversary in the private money lending industry as a private money or hard money lender. For instance, money is sometimes needed immediately or urgently to tide over financially difficult times be it for a medical loan , Licensed Money Lender Singapore education loan , renovation loan or small business loan. You can also find us at 2 Jurong East Street 21 #04-01A IMM Building Singapore 609601.

Ancar Estates, based at East Point Point P4B in Dublin 3, also charges up to 188.4pc in district 11 for a 20-week loan and can charge an additional 7 in the euro for door-to-door collection. When lenders ask you to supply information, you need to keep in mind that what they are asking you to provide them are sensitive information.

Most of the licensed legal moneylenders are based in no more than one urban district because, under the Act, it costs the equivalent of ?1,270 to apply for a licence for a district and extra money for more than one district. As a reputable licensed and legal money lender, we understand that getting a loan to cover your needs is very challenging as there are a lot of factors in the market that you need to consider.

At its heart, investing in hard money loans is a lot like investing in a bond, which returns a fixed yield and pays off at maturity. Our money lender Singapore services stand out in a crowded industry because our business is founded on trust and integrity. We are named as Singapore Successful Brand by a leading Singapore business publication.

Fast Money is a licensed money lender in Singapore who offer Fast Cash Loan to their customers. Investors would be given a promissory note as evidence of the loan, with the hard money lender as the borrower. A common mantra among private lenders is to drive the comps yourself.” That means do not just look at photos on an appraisal and assume you have an accurate value.