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A sedimentary deposit on the continental shelf off Caesarea Maritima, Israel, is identified, dated, and attributed to tsunami waves produced during the Late Bronze Age (ca. On Santorini, a deposit of white tephra thrown from the eruption is found lying up to 60 m (200 ft) thick, overlying the soil marking the ground level before the eruption, and forming a layer divided into three fairly distinct bands indicating different phases of the eruption.

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Archaeological discoveries in 2006 by a team of international scientists revealed that the Santorini event was much more massive than previously thought; it expelled 61 cubic kilometres (15 cu mi) of magma and rock into the Earth’s atmosphere, compared to previous estimates of only 39 cubic kilometres (9.4 cu mi) in 1991, 13 14 producing an estimated 100 cubic kilometres (24 cu mi) of tephra.

Krakatoa – before and after: notice how much of the island of Rakata (labelled Krakatau) has disappeared in the eruption; and the large shoals of pumice that formed new islands north-west of Krakatau ( Proceedings of the Royal Geographical Society ).

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