The Cincinnati Scrapper

The Cincinnati Scrapper

The Cincinnati Scrapper

This article is about the net worth of Dean Ambrose who is also called the red monster

Wrestling is a game that needs the sacrifice of body and blood to become the champion of an event. It is the popular sport among the youth of age 16 to 25. There are many fans of the wrestlers all around the world. The fans want to know everything about their favorite wrestler. In this article, for the fans, we are going to tell the net worth of the Dean Ambrose.

The Cincinnati Scrapper:

Six feet and four inches tall the Cincinnati Scrapper born as the name of Jonathan Good on December 07, 1985 in the Cincinnati Ohio United States. He is an American professional wrestler. These days he is working under the ring name Dean Ambrose with the WWE brand SmackDown.  He has also done acting in the movies.

Dean Ambrose is the one who has gained the title of United State Champion for 351 days (the third longest in the history). He also won the titles of WWE World Champion, Intercontinental Champion and Money in the Bank winner.

Dean Ambrose is also famous for his independent wrestling circuit. He is the one who was brought up in the public housing in Cincinnati, and he got fame after hard work to get rid of his rough upbringing. He started he career in wrestling at a very young age.

Dean Ambrose Net Worth:

Currently signed with WWE brand SmackDown Dean Ambrose has a net worth of $ 6 million till the year of 2016. His market value in the year 2016 is 4250000. He is currently getting a salary of 850000 per year. Though he is not the highest paid wrestler in WWE but he is getting more than many wrestlers. His daily income is about $2600. He has the net worth more than the Roman Regions.

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